Health and Wellbeing

We Know women’s health is expensive, but we got you!

We are passionate about improving the lives of our women right hence we partnered with AIICO insurance plc to provide a health scheme plan for women. With as low as N1,600 monthly (N16,000, annually) you can enjoy a series of healthcare services which includes gynaecology, obstetrics, Antenatal, Evacuation, paediatrics.

You still get a sum of N10,000 per hospitalization up to 5 times yearly when you are hospitalized for a minimum of 3 days.  This offer is available to all women between the age of 18-65 and is not transferable to dependents.  

To subscribe to the health plan, click on the link below to see more details about the plan and select the premium payment plan that best suits you

To register, click here, alternatively, you can visit any of our branches to sign up.