Access to Finance

SARA Women stay funded!

  • Businesswomen

Enjoy our Business Support Facility that offers you access to working capital loans between N100,000 – N5M with no security

  • Specialized loans such as School Support Loan

 This facility is available to school owners to help with immediate expenditure, they access between N200,000 – N10M with no security

  • Pharma – loan

The loan is available to licenced pharmacies and retail pharmaceutical trading companies, you can access between N200,000 – N5M with no security.

  • Medi-loans

 This facility is available to Licenced Hospitals and health service providers. They have access between N200,000 – N5M with no security

  • DBN Loans

This Facility is available to MSME business owners and can be used for both working capital and business expansion. Access up-to N200M for a period of 10years

  • Professionals
  • ALAT Salary based loans
  • Other loan offers
  • Credit cards
  • Asset Acquisition
  • Device Loans