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I was quickly given an apartment to let when i told the landlady that i was getting married in the next 3 months and i was working in a bank. However, the huge gender bias i know is in the fact that the Nigerian Police somehow still say that a female cannot bail someone from the police station. I wonder why!!!

Our aim, your gain.


We host and partner with organizations across the globe to provide trainings to equip women in our community with the knowledge they need to excel in any venture they desire. 


Our community model is tailored to not only educate women but also grant them the financial support they need to scale their business. 


We Inspire women to go after their dreams and aspirations to build, manage, and scale successful businesses or careers. 


Every member of our community has something to offer, and so we host events that bring women from all works of life together to impact each other positively. 

For women who want better.