July Newsletter

Hey ladies, the 2nd half of the year is here and so is the rainy season.

We’re in the second half of the year and a lot of us have mixed feelings about the season as it comes with cold, flu, weather conditions that could be a party pooper, but in the same light, it gives us an opportunity to spend more time with family.

As we gradually ease into the rainy days, it is important we stay safe and healthy, here are some tips to help us through the season:

Always have an umbrella and Sweater at hand; Sometimes, the rain can choose to surprise us, best to be ready for it at all times with a portable umbrella and a sweater (consider neutral colours like black and grey for professionals). No one enjoys being drenched or stuck because of the rain and catching a cold. If you have children, consider leaving a sweater in their backpack as well.

Get familiar with the Weather forecast app: Stay a step ahead by starting your day with a quick look at the weather forecast app. While it may not always be 100% accurate, the hours of the rainfall are often precise. Getting a daily weather report means you won’t be caught unawares 85% of the time.

Take your Vitamin: The rainy season often comes with cold and flu. This is why we recommend getting vitamins to boost your immune system, especially Vitamin c. You should add fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin c to your diet.

rainy days in Lagos

Always shut your windows before leaving the house: There is nothing as unsettling as returning home from a long day’s work to meet a flooded house, wet floors and soaked furniture. Assumptions can be dangerous, always double check that your windows are locked before you leave the house. If you have noticed or suspect any leaks, it’s best to fix it now before the rain becomes more frequent.

Clean out your Gutter/Drainage: Gutters and drainages are the best habitat for disease causing insects like Mosquitoes and roaches. Take out time to clean out and disinfect the gutters around you to stay healthy and safe from mosquitoes.

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