Things You Should Know Before Dating A Single Parent

A lot of single parents have been in several relationships that just couldn’t last. Some have resigned to staying single and catering for their kids because women do not just understand what it takes to date a single parent. It applies both ways but I will be concerning myself with the things women need to know before dating a man with a kid(s).


Find out why he is single and raising a child alone. Some men chose to be single parents after going through a divorce or separation, or are willing to adopt a child. While others never chose it, It just happened. You should do your research to get heads up on what to expect. You’d know if he is looking for someone for his kid or a companion he truly wants to be with. They are not the same thing. Often men who did not willingly choose to be single parents ate out looking for a mother for their kid(s). When you know what he is after, you’d be better prepared to make the right choice.


Most single parents prefer to be the ones to bring up the discussion about the child(ren). Do not push it, he may not be ready. Allow him to figure out when it is right to introduce you to his kid. Keep your nurturing instinct away for a while and pay attention to getting to know him as a person. Everything you need to know will naturally stem from that.


If you are fully aware you are dating a single parent and love it regardless, except that you’d have to assist in babysitting once in a while. Don’t close your mind from developing a relationship with his child because it determines when and if your relationship would go to the next level. It is like dating a singer when you hate to see them practise. It doesn’t always work. A child is part of his life you must accept it.


This is one of the reasons people don’t date single parents. They are afraid his attention would be divided. For every good parent, a child is a major priority making it almost impossible for them to be fully committed to being with anyone who carves too much attention. If you are willing to date a single parent, don’t get in a competition with the kid for his father’s attention. It would be beautiful if you both agree on when to go out together alone or with the kid. Being accommodating and selfless that’s the only trait a child understands to be loved.


A lot of single parents have been products of bad relationships, so it is advisable to not rush things. It is much better to let the date go at his pace and be selfless about it. He is already doing so much sacrifice by sharing his time with you and making you a priority. The best you can do in return is to be patient. If it seems to you that things are going way too slow for you, it is best to speak to him without sounding off like you are making demands or placing ultimatums. Rushing up a relationship with a single parent never ends well.


It is important that when you are dating a single parent, you trust your instincts. Try as much as possible not to listen to what everyone has to say about it. Most people are not as open-minded as you are and the idea of dating a single parent might disgust them. Thing is, it is their opinion and this is your life. Go for whatever makes you happy