The Best Insurance Policies for Women

“I Don’t Need Insurance Because I’m Already Covered with The Blood…”

– A mentality we need to change today

By Abiola Oluwaseun – SARA BY WEMA

I pity those who sell insurance, especially in Nigeria, because their competition is not another product/ company; it is divinity—God. This article is not about those who sell insurance, neither is it about God. While we may not change all your perceptions about the need for insurance, we would try to make you see why you should start giving it a second thought.

So here it is, there is an insurance plan for everything. Almost every- and anything can be insured. However, people insure what theyascribe value to—themselves, their children, spouse, health,home, cars, phone, jewellery etc. Today, we would be talking about insuring something very priceless—our health. Yes, we will talkabout health insurance for women. So dear men, please do not stop reading; you have at least one woman in your life.

Why do women need health insurance

It saves you money

How often do you hear “you have to make a deposit before we treat the patients”? The WHO published that Out Of Pocket (OOP) can determine if an household would end up in poverty of which 76.6% of Nigerians pay for healthcare services directly Out Of Pocket. Although more women are becoming financially independent and are making more decisions regarding savings and investments but it’s quite unfortunate that they still overlook health insurance policies.

Health insurance protects you from unexpected, high medical costs:

Most women are engrossed in fulfilling family, career, and societal responsibilities that they forget themselves. Paying for a minor or major health treatment can often cause considerable havoc to your savings. A health insurance policy will take care of any medical emergencies arising due to unforeseen circumstances. This will keep your savings intact, as a health insurance plan takes care of medical expenses.

Access to Quality Healthcare:

With the help of health insurance, even the low- and middle-income earners can get access to quality and advanced medical services.With health insurance, any woman can give herself quality medical treatment.

Women need it more:

Pregnancy? Reproductive health care? Stress? If all these sounds familiar, then you need insurance. In Africa, breast cancer is the most diagnosed form of cancer amongst females—next to cervical cancer. It has a survival rate of less than 40% in sub-Saharan Africa, compared to 84% in America, with causes in disparity

ranging from cultural, socioeconomic, racial factors, and a case of this illness can quickly drive any household to poverty. Health insurance protects you from the risk of health induced poverty.

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With these few points of mine, I would like to introduce you to the Sara health scheme. As a Bank focusing on women, we created theSara by Wema platform to cater to women’s lifestyles, finances, and well-being. We launched the Sara Health scheme through this platform, a 2-in-1 plan that features an HMO and hospital cash plan. While the HMO takes care of the hospital bills of subscribers, theHospital

cash plan enables subscribers that have been hospitalized for a minimum of 3 days to receive a cash sum of N10,000 up to five (5) times a year after hospitalization. This plan provides quality healthcare that includes Obstetrics/gynaecology, Neonatal/pediatric e.t.c. to women between 18years – 65years at an affordable rate of N1,600 monthly to N16,000 annually.

For more information about the Sara Women health plan, please visit the link below, women’s health brochure.pdf – Google Drive

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Who needs this Health plan?

Any woman between 18years – 65years. Your dependents – “so I don’t need this because I work in paid employment, and I haveHMO” does this sound like you? If yes, remember you have dependents. Those who will call you to pay hospital bills such as wife, mother, sister, wards, help etcEmployees/ charitable purpose: You can get the plan for all your female employees, for yourself or even gift it to any woman or a group of women. Please send a mail to, if you would like to get this plan for a group (Employees or for charity etc.)