SARA Debates: Love VS Money

A lot of women are usually reluctant to discuss this topic because, in all honesty, it can be conflicting.

Take our friend whom we’d call Sade for the sake of privacy.

She’s been in a relationship with her boyfriend Sam who works and earns a fair amount of money, however, Sade has always aspired to live a more than comfortable life. Unlike her, Sam is a lot less ambitious, and would rather live a more quiet and prudent life.

A few months ago, Sade met an Agent of confusion Marcus who is typically like her and works multiple jobs to ensure he gets that life. Long story short, they both build a bond and within weeks Marcus asks Sade to “Leave her boyfriend for her husband, him.”

Ladies as much your heart might tell you that love conquers all, there is always that voice in your head that may convince is all that matters, so we decided to take it to our community and asked a few women what they think Sade should do.

The following answers were grouped accordingly;

Group 1: It’ll blow up in your face

If you are the kind of person who is used to a certain lifestyle that involves luxuries, you may think you can handle being in a love-conquers-all relationship and that’s because everyone gets that giddy feeling during the early stages of their relationship but what then happens after those belly butterflies finally digest and reality sets in you’d probably find yourself giving him advice on how to make more money or which businesses he should try out to earn more slowly turning into his financial adviser or life coach and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Group 2: You might never be happy

Money is just one factor in a relationship, a great one but just one nonetheless.

Every great relationship is built on something more solid, and money is not solid.

This conversation is super complicated but It’s interesting if we consider what people want as well.

If Sade chooses Sam and it’s the holidays and she can afford to travel if he can afford it pay for his trips we don’t see a problem. Mutual Understanding over everything.

Group 3: You will always compare

As much as we love the idea of love over everything, one inevitable consequence of picking love over money is after those butterflies digest, it’s downhill from there because by the time any of your friends hit it big with a wealthy dude your story changes from ‘im so in love’ into ‘why is I is own always different’ and the worst is if your ex was financially buoyant then your anthem is would probably sound like this ‘why can’t he be more like xyz’ or ‘seems like he’s not even trying, maybe it’s the universe punishing me for leaving my ex’ meanwhile it was you who played yourself.


After Marcus’s request, she told Sam she needed a break from the relationship to figure out what she wanted.

She took the decision quite similar to distinguishing between her needs and wants in economics by creating a scale of preference.

Join the conversation in our chatroom, when it hit the fan, which have you got,  Love or Money?