Raising Kids In This Generation ( Webinar Recap)

sara by wema woman and her kids.

These days, with social media and culture changing, raising kids is no longer done as before, and we had a proper conversation about it last week Friday with Zusi, Obis.Ora, and Mofolusade. 

Some of the buzzwords by the speakers were done as follows; 

On Teaching Kids About Telling The Truth 

  • Your child needs to know the consequences of their actions so they know what they’re doing wrong. 

-Obis Ora

  • We encourage children to tell the truth but how do we as parents handle the truth 


On Getting Kids To Open Up 

  • Involving a professional  when raising your kids becomes necessary when their behaviour disrupts learning and deviates normal social behaviour.  


  • Tell your kids how much you love them and be open to negotiating with them to encourage them to open up. There’s no hard girl in parenting. 

-Obis Ora

Allow your child say everything and anything. Do not use it against them in the court of law.

-Obis Ora.

On Social Media 

  • Talk to your kids about social media, let them know the good and the bad sides. Not everything is content.

-Obis Ora

  • You need to be an active parent, if your child is on Twitter you need to be on twitter. 


  • Social media is an enabler and you need strength to build your kids character.


Finally, On crushes; 

  • Allow crushes to happen, they do not translate to relationship. Do checks and balances then address anything that sounds off. 

Let them know boundaries. 

If anything is off, cut it off let nothing spoil your hard work. 

-Obis Ora 

Explain your feelings and the situation to your children do they don’t have to go through abandonment issues. 

Let them know that they can tell you anything, let them be open to you.

-Obis Ora.

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