Ladies, It’s Time to Own Our Power

This June we got so pumped to do much more thanks to the Shecan do more Conference 4.0 which was proudly sponsored by us! 

Just in case you missed it, here are some of our favourite quotes and moments from the conference that we believe would inspire you to own your power in whatever business or career you’re working to excel at. 

Chief Digital Officer, Wema Bank: Olusegun Adeniyi

He identified 4 key take-outs from the session: 

  • Eliminate Stereotypes- Be deliberate to eliminate ‘classic’ stereotypes emanating from patriarchal cultures. 
  • Embrace STEM – Foster women education and interest in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.
  • Encourage Women – Celebrate and provide greater visibility to women who can serve as role models
  • Use Tech – Women should be more deliberate to use Technology more and more in ALL they do

GM Business Transformation Shell Nigeria: Belinda Ikazoboh 

At the core, what are you known for? When you build your technical skills, it becomes an enabler to do more and be more. 

Dance, bake a cake, find friends that would support you and when you finish, go back and do the work.

GMD Arkbridge: Junadia Edim

•Conviction- what is your superpower?

•Believe in your intuition, heighten your senses. 

•Take action and be deliberate.

Actress & Philanthropist: Kate Henshaw

What do you have to offer the next woman?

Challenge yourself with those who would help you rise.

No experience is ever without value.

MD Cadbury Nigeria PLC: Oyeyimika Adeboye

•Be sure of what you want to do. 

•Be ready to get training, knowledge and exposure. 

•Be intentional about your partner, and get the right support system. 

•Don’t feel entitled, you’ve got to earn it. 

The Catalyst: Lanre Olusola

What if you could see failure differently? Yes, it’s one of the greatest barriers but it’s nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy.

One thing we couldn’t get over was the numerous dance breaks that put us in the mood to overcome all our seemingly insurmountable obstacles just so join us to catch the vibe, we have curated a playlist just for you to click here to enjoy.

It’s not too late to catch up, watch the recording here and join the conversation on the SARA chatroom now.

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