Ladies, Celebrate Your Wins

By Abisola Oladipupo – SARA BY WEMA

Hey Ladies, when was the last time you celebrated something fabulous you accomplished about yourself or on the job? Do you know doing so has benefits for your psychological health?

The human brain evolved to pay more attention to negative stimuli than the good things in life. Long ago, this instinct has helped people  survive in a world where lions or bears may lurk around any corner. However, today it contributes to excess stress, eating disorders, chronic illness, anxiety and depression.

 Reveling in life’s successes reminds you that you are powerful and capable of transforming your dreams into reality. Here’s how and why you should be celebrating your win.

Before digging into some ways you can applaud your successes, here is a closer look at why it’s so important to celebrate your wins either big or little. Do you know doing so can fuel further achievements, while ignoring them can have psychological ramifications? You need and deserve an ‘’attagirl’’ now and then to preserve a positive mental state.             

Here’s how and why you need to celebrate your win and connect with it.

  1. Provides a Necessary Break: Hopefully your schedule permits at least one or two days per week to rest and recharge. However, many people return from the weekend feeling anything but relaxed .Most spend their off-time doing household chores and errands, making it feel like they simply clocked out of one gig and into another. Human beings need time for meaningful self-care to maintain a positive outlook. Such rest periods allow for more than relaxation. They provide opportunities for mindfulness, reflecting on what’s happening around you and integrating your experiences into your mental state. You need to step back and see how the pieces fit to feel a sense of calm and order in life.
  • Maintain Morale: Do you drag yourself out of bed with the motto ‘’another day, another naira? Working only to pay the   bills   can make your life feel a bit stagnant . Your melancholic mood inevitably spills over into your enthusiasm on the job, making your performance lackluster. Conversely, gratitude is an energizing emotion. Taking some reflective time to meditate on your success boosts morale by making you recognize the remarkable difference your actions create. When you realize how much your team values your contributions, you feel inspired to give back more.
  • Develops Your Sense of Agency: A sense of agency is vital to overall mental health. It refers to the core belief that your actions can change the world. Without it, you can feel like a victim of circumstance which can plunge you into despair.
  • Build Relationship with your employers or co-worker: The right relationships at work makes heading to the office a thing of joy. However, you don’t create unshakeable bonds by sharing what’s wrong. Celebrating your victories with the team creates positive vibes that renew enthusiasm within your organization while inspiring others to reach for the sky.
  • Have a You-Day Take: Your mental health is every bit as vital as your physical well -being .some would argue it’s even more. after all, your brain is responsible for dictating your body’s actions. Either way, a mental health is a great pat on the back for a job well done .Take a day off to indulge  in self-care. You might get a massage or exchange one with a partner, sink into a luxurious bath for hours or treat yourself to a home-made yoga retreat. Just don’t check your office voicemails, If possible.
  • Take a Mini-Vacation: If you’ re among those who can’t steal a whole day away without putting yourself in a tight spot bill-wise, can you afford to take off  few hours early on a Friday? Use your long weekend for a mini-holiday .You need not travel far –why not pull up a state map and take a road trip to a nearby attraction that has always intrigued you.
  • Bask in Gratitude: You can have a silent, private celebration of your wins by meditating on gratitude. Find a place free from distractions where you can close your eyes and simply breathe and really feel the joy, elation and thankfulness for your success and memorize this feeling in your body.

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