How To Get Through Bad Days 

Ladies, never forget “You have to fight through some bad days, to earn the best days of your everyday life”.

tired girl illustration

There are so many instances that can kick off a bad day, from running late to work, getting involved in tiffs with colleagues, dealing with the ‘Know-it-all’ people, facing a raging boss and so on goes the long list!

At some point or the other, we all have faced these issues and still continue to deal with these series of incidents we call a ‘Bad Days’ And while not everything is under our control, we to an extent, have the power to resist the negativity of these situations.

How you asked?

Well after speaking with some SARA women who manage stress on a daily basis, here are some tips from them on how any woman can overcome bad days.

  • Feel free to Sleep. There’s no better way to escape the gloomy thoughts than by relaxing and rejuvenating as you sleep. Plus scientifically short naps have been proven to increase productivity and focus.
  • Let go of the things that are too hard to accept, or Accept stuff if they can’t be let go
  • The easiest way to win over arguments is by simply not arguing. Avoid unnecessary face-offs.
tired girl illustration
Illustration on photo by Kanako
  • Take a walk by the nature and carry on with the daily workouts. Exercise is a major stress buster
  • Pamper yourself! Do more of what makes you happy- be it shopping, spa, meditation or any form of rejuvenation. If you’re an avid reader, pick your best buddy or should I rather say, your favorite book.
  • Hang out with your heartwarming tribe!
  • Don’t let the frustration die inside you, talk it out to people you feel good with, and pen down your feelings rather than sulking over the emotions

Are you now confident about getting through a hard day with the right attitude?

Well, in good times, one doesn’t tend to overthink about events, it’s just going with the flow! Why not do the same when in bad times? Just continue to go with the flow and trust the process. Better things would soon approach.

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