Cervical Cancer: Can It Be Prevented?

This is the September issue of the SARA newsletter.

Women’s health month is only a few hours away, and we can’t help but wonder when last you got a health checkup, especially your reproductive health. 

As you may know, there are six major types of cancer that affect our reproductive organs, but today we’ll be talking about cervical cancer and the Things to do to prevent it. 

Cervical cancer has been known to be caused by HPV known as the Human Papilloma virus. 

Based on your age, overall health, and personal risk, there are some things you can do to prevent these conditions.

1.Get an HPV vaccine

Vaccines are available to help protect children and young adults against certain HPV infections. These vaccines protect against infection with the HPV types most commonly linked to cancer, as well as some types that can cause anal and genital warts.

2. Limit Your exposure to HPV

How do you avoid a virus easily passed from one person to another during skin-to-skin contact and can be spread without sex?  

Limiting the number of sex partners and avoiding sex with people who have had many sex partners may lower your risk of exposure to HPV.

3. Use a condom

Condoms have been found to provide some level of protection against HPV even though they don’t completely prevent infection.

4. Don’t smoke

Not smoking is another important way to reduce the risk of cervical pre-cancer and cancer.

5. Get a SARA Health Plan 

Getting a paps smear exam, and seeing a doctor for routine checkups is one of the best ways to prevent not just cervical cancer but illnesses in general, and with the SARA health plan you get access to healthcare for as little as N1600 every month. Click here to get started.