5 Personal Finance Books That Will Change Your Life

In today’s world, many people struggle to manage their finances because they lack financial literacy, some have zero clues on what to do after earning money from their day job,  freelancing or running their own business. This is why in celebration of world books day, we would be sharing five finance books that will have you wondering what you’ve been doing with your money all this time, and set you on track to making better financial decisions.


You may have heard of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” before and there’s a reason why this book stuck around for more than two decades.  In one of the most popular personal finance books of all time, the author shares what he learned growing up from his father and his friend’s father, these include lessons on how you don’t need to make a lot of money to get rich. The book defines assets,  liabilities, and explains to parents why schools won’t teach their kids what they need to know about personal finance.


If you’re one of those people who can’t get past the traditional self-help writing style of most finance books, then this book is for you. The book uses the life of the fictional character Zuri to tackle debt, spending, the consumerist culture of the African middle class,  fear and misconceptions surrounding money and the lack of it, and the role of love, friendships, cultural and societal pressures play in success.

Each chapter comes with a practical Smart Money Lesson and exercises to help you work your way up the financial ladder. This book was written by Arse Ugwu.



Written by George S. Clayson, this book is considered one of the greatest inspirational works that address the subject of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth. In it are secrets to acquiring money, keeping money, and making money earn more money. Providing financial wisdom using parables, and short stories in some cases.



In this book,  personal finance expert and podcaster  Pete Matthew will guide you through everything you need to learn on securing a financial future for yourself and your family. The cut and clear messages in the book lean towards

  1. Spending less than you earn.
  2. Importance of Insurance.
  3. Building up savings and investments



Sometimes a poorly managed financial life can be a product of multiple external factors that we easily miss in our lives, which makes this book a very meaningful read.

Each chapter in this book debunks “luck” as the only way successful people build wealth and it also shows you how to be more disciplined in one aspect of your life, and how it will, in turn, affect your ability to generate wealth for your future.

With all that has been said, we hope you make out time to read at least one of these books this weekend. Don’t have any of them? Most of these books are available in online book stores, all of which you can purchase with zero hassle using your ALAT debit card.

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